• Bloggers: Are You Violating Canva’s Terms Without Knowing It?

    Design, Graphics/Images, New
    Canva is, without a doubt, one of the best, free online image creation sites. They have tons of stock photos, shapes, beautiful fonts, and you can create very modern graphics for your site without any design experience. But do you fully understand their terms for commercial projects? Many people don’t, and I guarantee there are some using Canva […]
  • Why You Should Simplify Your Homepage… Immediately

    Blogging, New, visual composer
    Earlier versions of The 2 Create a Website homepage weren’t too inviting. Let me be blunt… Some of my homepage designs were a wreck — especially the first several years when only part of my site used WordPress. I recently gave my homepage a cleaner look thanks to the Visual Composer plugin, and my analytics tell me it was […]
  • 5 Different Ways to Earn With Amazon

    Affiliate Marketing, Make Money, New
    It feels weird to launch a blog post on Tuesday instead of Monday, but I’m a day late because I HATE launching posts on Holidays. Anywho… let’s get to it. No doubt you know about Amazon’s affiliate program by now. It’s been coined “The Web’s #1 Affiliate Program” by many, but do you know about the other 4 […]
  • Your Traffic Struggles & My Candid Comments

    Build Traffic, building traffic, New
    I can’t believe I managed to pull myself away from the Olympic coverage long enough to get this post up. 🙂 I typically get into the Summer Olympics, but this year, I’ve found myself watching sports I’ve never given a second thought to like rugby and judo. The ongoing competitive atmosphere has kept me and my fam on the […]
  • How YouTube Tripled My Daily Email Opt-In Rate

    email marketing, New, Video, YouTube
    I received a pleasant surprise after checking my email opt-in stats, and it’s all thanks to YouTube Annotations. I must say… I’m not a huge fan of how YouTube Annotations and Cards function. Both features allow you to overlay a link on top of your videos, but they are both pretty limiting in terms of design and functionality. […]
  • My New Niche & What I’ll Do Differently

    I could tell by a few comments on my last post that a few of your were worried. I think the word “messaging” scared people because it sounds unnatural, and you may have wondered what I meant by all that. I was vague because I wasn’t 100% sure how I would approach this (a new niche site or use […]
  • How Boot Camp Exposed My Content Publishing Mistake You Might Be Making Too

    This journey of hosting my courses and creating a membership site (phase II) has highlighted things that have bothered me about this site. The biggest issue is it covers too much ground. You may have even heard me mention in podcasts that this is not really a niche site. Well as I embark on this big project, I won’t ignore […]
  • Blogging is Dead? Oh Crap! Here We Go Again

    Blogging, New
    Over the past few months I’ve seen several posts about blogging being dead or dying. And I’m not talking about people who stopped blogging for other business/life priorities. I totally get and respect that. I’m referring to those who say people don’t read blogs anymore. Oh geez… here we go with the generalizations! That sort of reminds […]


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